Russell_Brent “The Charter establishes the local balance of power the way our forefathers intended when they drafted the US Constitution; and it’s the result of bi-partisan cooperation by the freeholders we elected last November.”

– Russell Brent

There is a question on the November General Election ballot that has
nothing to do with schools or with light rail. The question asks if voters want to approve a Home Rule Charter form of government for Clark County.

This is the website where you can…

We encourage your questions and feedback. Contact the Charter Yes Committee at

After the Board of County Commissioners approved the launch of a Home Rule Charter process, voters elected 15 freeholders from more than 100 candidates in November, 2013.

The common goal of freeholders was to create a better, more effective government for Clark County. They finished their work in time to put a proposed Home Rule Charter on the ballot in the November General Election, saving the cost of a special election.

Why Is It Better?
The county government, designed by the freeholders, is better than what we have because it:

  • Increases representation but cuts salaries so the cost for five council members will be no more than the current cost for three.
  • Allows voters in each of four districts to choose their own district representative. The entire county elects a chairperson.
  • Protects us from any one politician or branch of government becoming too powerful by separating the legislative and administrative responsibilities.
  • Gives us, the voters, more local control by providing our citizens the power to put local initiatives and referenda on the ballot.

Take your power back!

Vote YES on the County Charter in November!




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